Monday, 7 September 2015

Compositional techniques

Rule of Thirds

                                  Photo Credit: Richard Walker Photography via Compfight cc

This photo is a great example of the rule of thirds because of the wheel and the sun that are on the rule of thirds line.


Stand Out from The Crowd Unique Golf Tee Game September 19, 20119

This photo is a great example of emphasis because of how much attention is drawn to the white tee compared to the orange tees because of how muck they fit in.


Top of a Coca-Cola can

This photo is not taken from the front, because if it was it would look like a cartoon. This photo is taken from an angle to make it look more realistic.


Nowa Ruda Nadrzeczna 2 - klatka schodowa

              By Jarek Ciuruś Jar.ciurus (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 pl], via Wikimedia Commons

This photo represents framing because of how the photographer is trying to dray the attention to a certain thing like the stairs.

Lights and Shadows

Light bulb

The light and the shadow in this picture is used to draw attention to a certain object like this lightbulb.

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  1. I like some of your explanations but I don't really get the angle picture and explanations