Sunday, 29 November 2015

Mockingjay part 2 will keep you on your feet

Walking down a sewer, hiding from cameras, traps, but suddenly a blue zombie attacks your friend.
It is hard to understand the movie if you have not seen the other movies, there are a total of 4 movies including the Mockingjay part 2. The main conflic is the government choses 2 people from 12 of the 13 districts, the chosen people will be tributes of the hunger games. The hunger games is an anual event that no one wants to be chosen for. The principle of the hunger games is 24 people will be put in an arena that is forest themed and will have to survive by killing each other. The winner was katness, the main character. That was a brief explanation of the first hunger games movie so you can understand what is going on a bit better. In the second movie they host the next hunger games with all of the winners of the previous games. They escape the arena and start a revolution, the second movie goes on until they escape. the third movie is the revolution against the government and the fourth is the part two of the revolution. In the last movie they are trying to kill the president who is cruel and is their enemy. The president makes a sort of game where he builds a big city around him with a bunch of giant traps that are hidden. Also some creatures that are kind of zombies that want to kill them.

"I liked the movie" from Jacques

Personal Opinion
In my opinion the movie was really good because they added that feel of the original movies, like there was an arena and they had to survive. There is a jump scare at one point in the movie.
73% of the people who saw the movie liked it. Jennifer Lawrence did a great job acting in this movie in my opinion.

I saw the movie at Vox cinema in Yas mall but you can see it in any cinema near you if it has come out where you live.
You can buy tickets to see the movie but I am not sure what the price is, the price depends on witch cinema you go to.

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