Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Broken Art Exhibition

The Broken Art Exhibition

Glitched art is art that is broken! The coding in the photo is messed up, and a photo will be broken, weird, but cool.

The broken art exhibition is an art exhibition where the theme is glitched photography, the exhibition is located in Warehouse 421 - Mina Port. Glitched photos look cool and are quite easy to do. But some things are hard to do because of how complicated the coding is in the image. It is easy to do but at the same time is very hard, you can do random things to make a glitched photo or can know what you are doing and know what you are changing. The main focus in the exhibition was glitched art photos ranging from faces, to glitched photos of cars, to landscape that are all glitched. There is a restaurant at the exhibition that sells food like chips, chocolate, sand witches and much more. The artists are students that go to the school ACS and they have created all of the glitched art that is presented. Many of the students enjoyed working on the art and glitching them, "I had fun making the art and all of my peers did a great job working on their photos." -ACS student, Jacques.
While some artists did not like the "broken" art and preferred the classic way, painting, "What is the point of glitched art? It is broken and useless, I prefer painting"  - David Choe.
While other artists, who are painters, like Greg Simkins, liked the art exhibition, "I liked the food there and the atmosphere was great, everyone was enjoying themselves" -Greg Simkins
I would give the exhibition a 5 out of 5 stars, the food was great, the art was cool, and I had fun with all of the other artists there. Most gave it a 4 and a half out of five though. If you were there I hope you enjoyed, and if not hopefully you can experience the event another day.
These are some examples of glitched faces

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