Thursday, 21 January 2016

Nature photo editing (Befunky)

Edits a nature photographer would want
Can it be done on Befunky
Evaluation of effectiveness of edit.  
Befunky has a variety of fonts that can help add color to the photo.
the tool funky focus is good for blurring out to make something stand out.
The app can crop photos, in nature photos there are many features that you did not want in the picture, like a bird.
The app can blur when you want to address the focus to a certain location.
The app can frame picture, this is good because it makes the photo look more interesting and professional.






I like the app, it has many features that I have not seen in other editing apps. The only problem is that some of the tools/effects are not that useful or good, some are useless, or they do the same thing as another tool. The ones that are useless would be useful if they were meant for something else, but some things say that it is to change the color of the eye, but it then does not look good. But if it was called Pencil and it was meant for drawing on your picture, then it would be useful. Overall the app has the basic tools to edit, it also has some advanced features, but some tools/effects can do multiple things, so instead of of naming something "pencil" they call it "Change eye color" or "Eye shadow".

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Nature photography

Nature photography

A photo of a drop of water on the edge of a branch. If you turn the photo upside-down and look at the drop, you can see the swiss alps. 

Green grass after rain

This is a photo of green grass after rain. It represents texture. I learnt that there are many different things in nature that all have different textures.

Red flower

Nature is full of colors so I decided to take a picture of a red flower with a green and brown background. This photo represents color.

Pattern in plants

This photo represents pattern. There are many different patterns in nature, for example, the circles in a tree trunk.
Purple Bamboo

This photo represents rule of thirds. The purple bamboo on the right is on the 2 right rule of thirds points.

Pink Edge

This is a picture of a flower that I found that has a pink edge. I know that some things are hard to reach in nature so I used to zoom so I could get a better shot. The compositional technique used was color.


The compositional technique used here is texture. The roughness of the rocks is why I chose texture.

Field of flowers

This photo represents pattern. The flowers are lined up and are evenly placed.
Veins I

This photo represents line. The veins of the leaf run right through the middle.
Veins II

This photo represents rhythm and moment. Nature is alive and always moving, so nature is a good thing to take a picture of is looking for a rhythm and movement photo.